Events and yoga classes with us

Why not come and explore your human potential with us at Evergreenyogi, breath, posture and mindset training all in one inspiring package.

We will take you through everything you need to know to live your life to its fullest. If you feel and know that there is something more or you are searching for some meaning come along and dive in.

Whether you are wanting a Yoga class or discovering sauna, cold plunge or breathwork.

This is based on my personal experience and learning and in particular the living yoga method. Just choose your class or upcoming event, let go and lets explore …….. see you there. Rob

What you do and don’t need to bring to your yoga class?

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Bring a warm jumper or blanket for keeping you warm during our relaxation
  • A curious aptitude and a willingness to let it all go……… 🙂
  • If you are joining me for either workshop or Yoga class just make sure you arrive 5-10 mins before the start time to ensure smooth running 🙂


Events with us- More coming soon

You can join us for Yoga, breathwork, Cold plunge experiences, Sauna and much more

email me for event info, or simply click the link below to select your yoga class package