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I’ve been reading a brilliant book by an author named David Hamilton, his area of expertise is mind body connection and particularly the placebo effect in clinical trials for medicine.  

My interest was sparked by my practice of meditation which I try to do on a daily basis (see previous blog post). It occurred to me that rather than the meditation being a time of no thought maybe the benefit of it comes from a natural resetting of the body where thoughts just becomes nicer and more free flowing, not so jagged and spikey and filled with angst about what someone said or did to you or maybe what may be instore for you in the next hours, weeks or even months.

Photo by Erik Brolin
Photo by Erik Brolin

The connection between the book and my meditation is the fact that the more you meditate the more chilled out your thoughts become, they distance themselves away from the flight or fight sympathetic response and start to emanate from your parasympathetic rest and digest system.

It is very easy to live firmly based with our parasympathetic system running the show in a permanent flight or fight, we always seem to have something to do, somewhere to go and this rushing around permanently switched on life eventually tires our system and things go wrong.

Meditation is a way to switch across to that rest and digest sympathetic system and ensure your body gets some relief and a chance to recuperate, just 10-20 mins a day are enough to ensure that you are resting your body, the great thing is that eventually you start to carry that relaxed 10-20mins more and more into your day, you are actually switching off that flight and fight and moving towards a more relaxed you permanently.

There is loads of science to back up meditation and it benefits and I can thoroughly recommend Davids book (It’s the thought that counts) if you need further encouragement on this.

Change your thoughts (meditate) change your body.

Evergreenyogi x

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