What have you done today to make you feel good?

Today I read something on the internet that upset me a little (well I read something on the internet that upsets me almost every day, I guess today felt just too close to heart).

In London, the city of ‘milk and honey’ where most of the country’s wealth is concentrated, people are panic buying supplies just like everywhere else in the country, in fact just like in the rest of the whole of Europe. There is this older frail woman asking a man in the supermarket to give her a packet of pasta from her trolley as there were none left…he refuses and ignores her…AND WE CALL OURSELVES HUMAN?…In the times of the need we should stand together, help one another.

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It is these times that we need to see the bigger picture and stop being egocentric, yet we seemingly become selfish ‘survivalists’. Reading this story today made me think of my nan who sadly passed away 5 years ago. She was a strong woman, got on with things, helped her community wherever she could. She was literally “paska” (bread that we eat at Easter time) maker for the whole village. It was just normal to visit her just before Easter and there would be like 50 Paska breads ready for people to collect; and by the way she was no businesswoman, she did them for free all she would ask is money for the ingredients or people would just drop off their own ingredients for her to do the hard work.

I thought of her and the woman in the supermarket and it just broke my heart. So, today me and Rob dropped a note to one of our elderly neighbour who lives by herself and as far as we know has no other family, with our phone details and a little note saying that if she needs anything in the next few weeks just to call us and we will get her anything she needs. It felt good and still does…so what have you done today to make you feel good?

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Much love Evergreenyogi x

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