What do you need yoga for?

I need yoga for *********

If I told you that Yoga works and can help with almost any physical or mental condition would you believe me?

How about if I told you it could help with your particular problem? That thing of yours which eats at your life, Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for stress, Yoga for flexibility, Yoga for Weight loss, Yoga for back pain, Yoga for ……………………….. the list is endless.

The reality is if someone tells you that this particular yoga flow or that particular Asana ( yogic speak for pose) will help with a particular problem of yours you will be more likely to believe them! Poor old me telling you it will help with all of them simultaneously looks like a charlatan selling snake oil.

Yoga works like this

Image: Anupam mahapatra
  • Turn up inflexible and nervous at a hall and you are welcomed in by a smiling Yoga teacher.
  • You have an issue or issues you want help with and this could just be the place to help (probably wont but what the hell in for a penny)
  • Everyone looks like a pro.
  • You struggle on through the class waiting for the relaxation bit at the end (savasana)
  • You feel a bit better and go home.
  • Repeat each week
  • Something changes after a few weeks, you even start enjoying the flow a bit more.
  • Your mood improves week after week and you start to become more flexible (what the hell)
  • You start to shed a few pounds repeating these gentle exercises 😊 you even start making healthier choices for food or drink.
  • Mood improves even more and starts to spread into your everyday life.
  • You generally feel more grounded (more yogic speak) and steady within yourself.
  • Damn this yoga works for all aspects of my life.

So this is what you need yoga for

Yoga will help with anything, its a re- naturalising of our lives, it’s living in the present, its living with authenticity. So there you are its not yoga for this that or the other, its yoga for life. Your life.

If you would like yoga to work for you why not join me here on my Wellbeing Experience day

Much love Yogis

Evergreenyogi x

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