Unblock your pipes

Emotional Stability

Have you ever thought about how emotionally stable you actually feel? Are you buffeted by all the information coming at you from every angle, twisted and stretched so you think you may actually break one day?

I think we all feel a little like that sometimes so no need to worry about it too much.

How we work

Imagine your body was like a plumbing system ( bare with me here 😊) everything is working perfectly, toilet is flushing, taps are running nicely all is tickidyboo when something gets stuck into one of your pipes! Suddenly your water is not running so smoothly.

Now think of the free flowing water as your body and mind, its working perfectly well until you start to add thought, the thought here is the body of whatever ( don’t get hung up on this )stuck in your pipes.

When you add thoughts whatever they may be you change the way your body responds, every thought you have changes the chemistry within your body, that very chemistry is dependant on lots of things, what you eat, how you rest ect but also on the thoughts you have.


We have complete control over what we eat and drink and also about whether we are resting ourselves properly, but the way we think however can slip under the radar a little.

Image : The blow up

The news reports we listen too are a prime example, very rarely are they uplifting or encouraging bad news gets your attention much easier and keeps you engaged, when you are scared and frightened you are always paying attention right!

Social media

When we scroll social media apart from a few funny videos ( my kids love those ) mostly we are being shown how good someone else’s life is over yours, it becomes a competition to top trump each other over clothes, weight loss, exotic holidays, well behaved kids, perfect spouses the list goes on.

All of the above affect how well your plumbing is working, please don’t misunderstand me life can be hard at times, things happen which we al have to deal with and how robust your plumbing is comes into play ( Yoga is great for maintaining your plumbing BTW 😊) but we have allot to do with how well our system works.

Next time you get lost in scrolling or start to get annoyed by current affairs just take a step back and remember you are actually starting to block the flow.

Image : Giorgio Trovato
Image :Giogio Trovato

Ease back release your grip and allow those toilets to flush. 🙂

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