To retreat or not?

A retreat? or a life expanding experience?

What would you expect of a traditional Yoga retreat? Would you expect to arrive like a wound-up spring full of life’s unending tensions and finish like a newborn kitten, all fluffy and cleansed of every ounce stored up stress? I bet the answer to this is a resounding yes!!!


The traditional yoga retreat vs. the modern offering

Retreats were traditionally arduous in origin, these were places of deep contemplation and meditation involving hard work, effort and sacrifice. From this, growth and understanding became possible.

The modern retreat has become a real draw for our hectic Westernised lifestyles. Gone is the hard work and effort replaced by more and more soothing activities, the perfect antidote to our crazy world. The focus is on relaxing, enjoying and destressing in the present moment, often with additional extras, such as chocolate making or wine tasting.

But what if, rather than just work at offloading and relaxing, we instead worked on how to take life head on a little more?

You can move that boulder ( honestly 🙂 )

How about rather than just resetting ourselves we actively worked at making ourselves more adaptable and more resilient? Bringing back in equal measure effort and deep relaxation, this creates plasticity and adaptation, this is the key to growth.

Is it possible to do this by just relaxing, chilling out and massaging our tired bodies?

The answer to this is a resounding no. All this creates is the need to keep going back on the retreats. This is a great business model, granted, but is that what you are looking for?

A wellbeing experience

If each experience (let’s call it that now) taught you how to change, accept and stand up to life’s inevitabilities even consequent attendances would only further strengthen your system. Eventually, it becomes like a superpower that is available to you whenever you want. You can literally take on anything that comes your way.

By balancing relaxation and learning you can develop techniques to use in everyday situations. Let’s create a lasting change, something tangible you walk away with, something that stays with you.

Take life on and live it

No more ticking off those days until your next retreat weekend makes you feel human again! No no no. The only thing you need to look forward to is growing and expanding yourself on your next experience. Ideally with me 😊

That’s not a retreat from life, it’s a huge Yes! to whatever comes your way, with the tools, techniques and experiences at the tips of your fingers.

Introducing the Evergreen Yogi Wellbeing Experience Day 2024

Discover a transformative journey that will reshape your experience of life in just one enlightening day. Join us as we unlock the secrets of Hatha Yoga, infusing your nervous system with both flexibility and mindfulness. Not only will you gain profound insights, but you’ll also establish a solid foundation to take away and navigate life’s challenges.

Embrace the power of Hatha Yoga with us today and start your journey towards a brighter, more balanced you.

Booking is open now and places are selling fast – secure yours today by clicking the image below!

See you there

Evergreenyogi x

image credits: Main image, Frames from your heart. Mohamed Nohas / flames, Vicky Sim / Boulder, Daria Shotova / cat. X

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