This could be your best day ever

This is your chance to really be who you really are, “what kind of weird statement is that” I hear you say.

Let’s think about it for a while, are you really who you are or are you a construct of how society wants you to be? Do you act and do as you feel is most beneficial for you and your body or are you heavily influenced by what you think you should be doing to conform or even worse! what other people think you should be doing!!!!

It can take years of pain and struggle to find out who you are or it can happen in a flash, a sudden shock to the system like an awakening. Imagine if you were forced to slow down and re-evaluate who you are by some crazy virus! one that forced you to stop your consumerism, long distance travel, constant stress about work situations one which enables you to contact long lost friends and relatives, engage with your neighbours and re-engage  with yourself. Just imagine.

Hang on a minute this is it, this is the time to rediscover you inner fire, it is the time to discover if you really like that daily commute to your office, it is the time to really decide if you need that new car are you buying it for you or to ensure your neighbours or anyone on your social media network is jealous of your success, it is the time to ensure whatever you buy it is for you and you want it with every ounce of your being,  it is the time to chat to you neighbours and reinvigorate your community, it is the time to slow down and find out who you really are.

This is the time for you, Don’t waste it. Much love Evergreenyogi x

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