The supermarket yoga mat

Our attention was stolen for while whilst walking around our local supermarket (no brand is mentioned in this article so if you happen to read it”anonymous supermarket” please don’t sue us, we can’t afford it!!!)

Whilst cruising by the special buys section we noticed some exercise/yoga mats, the price of these mats was the first thing we commented on as this indicated that the production is on a very large scale, the next thing we noticed is the material the mat was made from, without going into the technical side of recycling, these mats can only be land filled or burned at the end of their lives. After inspecting what can only be described as a very poor quality and environmentally bad item we took the above photo( like you do or rather us eco yogi types do). We then decided to offer our own eco mat for a limited time period with free delivery.

This is our way to offer an eco alternative mat at an affordable (nearly supermarket price) and show those supermarkets whats what “only joking”, but seriously we all have choices when we are shopping between a cheaper mass produced product and the better for the environment slightly more expensive one. I know which one i would choose.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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