The subtle informs the gross

The subtle informs the gross

Sounds a bit weird but please bare with me.

Small changes, that is what it takes to have lasting efforts a subtle change to our habits and lifestyle has profound effects on our lives as a whole. In fact the subtler the change the easier it is to make and also the easier it is to maintain.


Lets think about diets, most diets start with a huge change “ im cutting out Carbs, Dairy, refined sugars, meat,  ect “ all of these are really hard to dive into and even harder to maintain long term. Firstly they are all pretty unenjoyable, studies have shown that you are much more likely to maintain a diet or any change for that matter if it is an enjoyable process or activity, I mean who wants to cut things out in one go and suffer the withdrawal symptoms of something you love missing?

We all want instant results and the way we think we are going to achieve them is to dive right in and use the hammer to crack the nut ( nuts are a really good food source by the way I love them ) eat more nuts!!! Im not sponsored by “nuts are us” by the way.

Image Maddi Bazzocco

Staying on the subject of diet as that seems a good example what if you just cut down on say carbs? Dropped that extra sandwich in your lunch box and maybe pop a little less pasta in the pan? Would it bother you like stopping those foods all together? You may well notice but I’m betting the difference between slightly less of something and stopping that thing altogether is huge.

Instant change ?

The thing is the results wont be instant, they will be slow and it might not even be noticeable for a while but that subtle change in your habits will have lasting effects. The results would also be sustainable as your body adjusts to the subtle change in diet so too it will adjust in how it responds, mainly with dropping some weight and overall vitality.

Getting away from food how about including a small breathing practice in your day, reducing your autonomic response ( posh way of saying arousal ) just a little every day will gently lower those stress levels to a more even keel.( Im planning a post on breathwork soon )


Getting a little more exercise by walking at lunchtime preferably in the fresh air and out in the daylight, boosts your wellbeing, don’t spend your free time slumped over a screen, get moving a little every day and absorb some nature. How about some yoga ?

Image Arek Adeoye

Brain chemistry

Fire up your feel good hormonal system by doing something for someone else and don’t expect anything in return from them, this will boost your wellbeing. A small thing for someone else every day has been shown to make subtle changes in your brain chemistry and increases happiness.

Obvious really but subtle 🙂

Much love

Evergreenyogi x

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