The road to Imperfect perfection

Four years ago our first son was born. The pregnancy itself went well, but the birth, well that’s entirely different story.

Once our son was finally born all I wanted to do is to breastfeed him. After all that’s what my midwife and all the courses we went to as expectant parents said, we just simply had to do it otherwise our baby would be doomed to lifetime of chest infection, obesity even cancer! Well our son had another idea. He was born with 100% tongue tie and even with us paying privately to cut it 2 days later he was never able to latch. I found it extremely hard to accept it and support for mothers that bottle feed is just simply not there.

I turned to social media for support, but more often than not I was confronted by someone telling that it was my fault or lack of perseverance that my son was not breastfeeding. Then, one mother topped it off by saying I was not considering the environment by feeding my baby formula, creating a lot of unnecessary waste (bottles and packaging)!!!.

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Recently, more and more posts are circulating media shaming people for all kinds of things relating to the environment. Things such as “You say you care about the whales, but you still eat tuna?”… We need to celebrate our achievements however small. Ok so you go to your local grocers and get salad wrapped in single use plastic, but you also use bamboo toothbrush and eat vegan homemade soap, you also avoid meat and try to make your own cleaning products.  

If we all judge each other by perfection then none of us can say we are doing enough, it isn’t about doing things perfectly or to an extreme. If it is then we are hopeless in our efforts.

Do what you think is best for you, your environment and each other, if we do this rather than striving for perfection or berating another for not doing something perfectly or in your way, we will create a better more sustainable future for all of us.  

It all works out in the end!

Much Love Evergreenyogi x   

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