The power of community spirit

In this last week following the general election here in the UK, I have had time to reflect on the result, not wanting to turn this in to a political rant ( never talk about religion or politics ) I thought I would spread some good cheer amongst you Yogis out there, probably already given away my political leanings right there!!!

OK my lad was a little shy of Santa 🙂

Anyway what about the good in our fractured society. Today whilst on my Daddy daycare duties I took my little one to a Christmas party, this is was at a group which runs every week in a local public Library. The girls that run the group do so on their own with no support other than the £2 we pay each to fund the hall and buy tea coffee and snacks for the children, the 2 main volunteers scour gumtree and face bay for bargain toys to fill the room with interesting things for the kids to play with. Every week there are different activities from decorating ginger bread men to colouring, they also cook homemade cakes for us all and usually because of a dietary requirement of one of the children they are super healthy, win win. They are always delicious too.

The two volunteers happen to be Polish mums and they are so welcoming and determined that we all have a great time, they take your order when you arrive for Tea or coffee and after half an hour they appear with Snacks for the kids, they take interest in what is going on your lives and everyone generally helps each other with any advice on whatever may be going on in your individual worlds.

Today a Santa appeared with presents for the children, we had a piñata we had sing songs, we decorated a ginger man and we had good fun, That is what’s real and important in this world, helping each other, doing good for the benefit of others and ourselves, going that extra mile to make life that little bit better.

My hope is that society can become more like those two Polish girls and the group they have created it is the only way after all.

Much Love Evergreenyogi x

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