The irony of covid

The biggest irony with the terrible pandemic we are dealing with is in fact our ways of dealing with it.

When we are faced with a problem our default response is to reach for comfort, we would rather have a beer or two grab a takeaway or just raid the fridge for some kind of respite from the awful situation and feelings that confront us.

We have basically chosen the flight and freeze response from our evolutionary defence mechanism, we run from our problems by masking it with junk food or inane Tv shows we then do nothing and hide away and wait in the vain hope it will all go away!

We would do much better to confront the problem head on and acknowledge the feeling this drags up, when we face our problems it will always initially feel stressful and fear invoking only after confronting this will this slowly fade and a replacement feeling of achievement and hope will take over.

So how do we confront a situation like coronavirus ( I’m so fed up with hearing that word )

  • Your body needs you right now so feed it with the fuel to help it, eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables and if they can be organic you get an extra gold star.
  • Cut down on those treats that will only mask the feelings you are living with, maybe only get that takeaway once a week and keep an eye on your booze intake.
  • Take some time out to relax, try exercise ( make sure its one you enjoy) take up Yoga or meditation, google living yoga and follow the double breathing technique to instantly change your mental state into a more positive one. Trust me it works
  • Avoid the news, I realise that it’s a good thing to be on top of world affairs but seriously how on top of it do you really need to be, please don’t watch the ten o’clock news and go to bed with that negativity spinning through your mind.
  • The most important thing to realise is that we are a survival machine honed by millions of years of evolution, we may have created an environment which is not serving us too well right now but believe we are entering a period of great learning, this shift in consciousness is exactly what we need both spiritually and mentally to improve the way we live. I feel we can learn to live in harmony with our environment rather than trying to dominate it.

So the irony is we have to become more simple to exist, eat well, sleep well, feed your spirit and trust in evolutionary past and I reckon we will all be ok.

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