The Craziness of Christmas

The craziness of Christmas, we at Evergreenyogi have had a really good month leading up to Christmas business wise (the same cannot be said for health wise as all of us have suffered with terrible colds, including the littlest one of our clan L ) as I write this it seems we are over the worst of it and maybe we can now concentrate on family Christmas stuff.

Gabby trying not to look frantic

The tree has however gone up and the lights outside our house are twinkling away and entertaining the little ones. Our neighbourhood is starting to look very festive.


This all brings me to a Facebook article I read about what the winter solstice actually means in nature, think of winter as a time to slow down, eat our gathered stockpile of food , close the doors and spark up the log fire. It is a time to reflect on the year, It is also a time to gather your friends and share what you have collected then wait for the first signs of spring and life to emerge once again.


We kind of have it all back to front now where we ramp up towards the solstice or Christmas, we frantically gather things which won’t sustain us for too long, we run around like headless chickens through throngs of people to get presents which many of which will be discarded within months, we indulge so much that we feel ill or fall ill. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could revert back to nature and slow down for Christmas, Maybe we can!!

Merry Christmas and much love.

Evergreenyogi x

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