THe buzz of our body(meditation)


Have you ever stopped and thought about how you feel? I don’t mean how you feel emotionally but instead how you feel behind that façade of emotion and thought…..

It’s a strange thing to ask but I am betting (I’m not a betting man by the way) the vast majority of people have never stopped or been able to sit in the natural resting state of the body, this is a state where you feel the actual energy of the body which is not influenced by your current thoughts or life event, movie, song, food you are eating ect.

When you are able to notice this buzz and it is a buzz of electrical impulses firing around your body from your fingertips to the top of your head and down to your toes, you can rest in it, even fall deeper into it and this is your natural state of rest.

I attend a local Yoga school here in my home town of Southampton and this practice has been taught to all those who attend here, we are shown that the body is like a spinning top rather than a resting mass. It is constantly buzzing ( yes that word again) with energy, this energy is our very lifeforce and without it this buzzing energy you will be no more it will however transform into another type of energy.

Physics tells us that energy can never die but that it can only transform into another form.

There are many ways to feel this deep resting state and meditation is one of these, we do a practice called double breathing with oxygenates the blood and enhances this feeling, this makes it easier to fall into by the way.

Next time you are super chilled (not with the aid of a glass Merlot or a beer) just try and feel the bodies hum and buzz, it might just surprise you.

Evergreenyogi x

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