The Big disconnect

Do you ever feel like you are disconnected from our society? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit in or everyone else around you seems to have their shit together and you struggle by desperately trying to fit in with how you are supposed to look, act and feel? Have you always felt like this? Or did this creep up on you slowly as you grew older, perhaps you have reached the point where everything starts to feel a bit pointless?

Just recently I was sat on a bus with the family just watching the various people coming and going in their lives and it struck me, we all have our own coping mechanisms to deal with our lot. One girl was sat on the bus Silvery hair, tattoos, piercings, other than a fashion this was her way of dealing with her thing, a big f**k off to how we are meant to look, I know nothing more about her but I see commonalities amongst society. The mother with kids being a general pain in the bum, her desperately trying to contain them so she doesn’t look a bad mum in the eyes of others, the businessman / woman afraid of showing any vulnerability in their work for fear of looking weak and uncontrolled to his/her peers, workman plodding along in life drinking themselves to oblivion every evening to try and gain some sense in their lives. Time and time again these situations arise generation after generation, the great cycle in which we have been put in to play our societal part, just accept your lot and don’t upset the apple cart.

The way forward

I was lucky in a way I got to a stage in my life where I had just about finished my education and I could function in this current setup before I started to awaken and see it for what it is, a system set up for and because of itself, I was lucky because once I was educated and I had learnt certain skills I could dive into the world just enough to give me some basis to grow.

What happens to the person who doesn’t get that far? What if you see the world as it is at a much earlier age? What if you have to go it alone and find your way on the outside of what is societies acceptable norm?

What is needed is a spiritual practice to reconnect you to your very existence a practice where you find quiet time to breathe, think and to re-connect to who you really are and what your life is actually about. Anything that quietens you down brings you back to your body, tunes you into your mojo and motivates you to grow rather than just exist.

Image credit: Alfonso Scarpa

A practice?

I found this after many years in my discovery of yoga practice, this practice gave me the sign posts to grow, it allowed me to see the current paradigm was not the only way ( I knew this deep down anyway) there were ways to really inhabit our bodies and connect with life once more and gain a deep connection with the real joy in being alive. Yoga is not the only way to reconnect, but it does encompass all the great teachings of our forefathers, lessons they learnt delivered in a beautiful package to allow you to live the life you deserve.  

Image credit: shane rounce

Much Love Evergreenyogi x

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