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do you want to be more relaxed?

How often do you take notice of your breath? Unless you are a practitioner of yoga or a martial art I would hazard a guess at very little! We take our first breath on entering this world and we take our last breath on our death bed (sorry to remind you of this it’s pretty […]

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Thomas bormans

How we all live with fear

Our everyday interactions are all coloured by a fear-based thinking process. If we are honest with ourselves, it is the basis for nearly all of our actions and interactions with each other. We may fear being made to look stupid, we may fear someone becoming angry at us, we may fear our own response to […]

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Picture Perry Grove

What have you done today to make you feel good?

Today I read something on the internet that upset me a little (well I read something on the internet that upsets me almost every day, I guess today felt just too close to heart). In London, the city of ‘milk and honey’ where most of the country’s wealth is concentrated, people are panic buying supplies […]

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Are you stressed out? here is why

Why are you stressed out? The reason that people feel stressed is usually because they are! “What “ you say “I’ve clicked into this blog to be told something completely obvious…….AAAArgh” But before you click back out again just hear me out. Stress occurs when we believe or feel that something is beyond our ability […]

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Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The road to Imperfect perfection

Four years ago our first son was born. The pregnancy itself went well, but the birth, well that’s entirely different story. Once our son was finally born all I wanted to do is to breastfeed him. After all that’s what my midwife and all the courses we went to as expectant parents said, we just […]

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