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To retreat or not?

A retreat? or a life expanding experience? What would you expect of a traditional Yoga retreat? Would you expect to arrive like a wound-up spring full of life’s unending tensions and finish like a newborn kitten, all fluffy and cleansed of every ounce stored up stress? I bet the answer to this is a resounding […]

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Unblock your pipes

Emotional Stability Have you ever thought about how emotionally stable you actually feel? Are you buffeted by all the information coming at you from every angle, twisted and stretched so you think you may actually break one day? I think we all feel a little like that sometimes so no need to worry about it […]

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Change is inevitable “just relax”

Our journey through life is one of constant change, its part of the natural cycle of life, none of us remain in one emotional state or even physical state constantly we move through different periods of our life and health as part of life’s amazing journey. Our great lesson is to try not to hold […]

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