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Have you seen or posted something like the following?

“I’ve been suffering with ******** condition and I want to say that if I seem distracted, down in the dumps, anxious, lethargic, even depressed it is because of my diagnosis” Then they say share, copy or like this post to show your support ect. I agree support is great when struggling with anything in your […]

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Break out of that box

So what do I mean by our boxes? I am not referring to our housing although that is indeed usually a box of sorts, no, no, no, the box I am talking about is the self-made boxes of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. The walls of these boxes are slowly formed like a super slow […]

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How to improve your immune health

So how do we pump up our immune system and give ourselves the best chance of fighting any future illness or indeed viruses. I think a great way to look at this is to take a holistic view of yourself. (Very Yogic huh) So lets start with our diet, our digestive system is one of […]

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