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Have you seen or posted something like the following?

“I’ve been suffering with ******** condition and I want to say that if I seem distracted, down in the dumps, anxious, lethargic, even depressed it is because of my diagnosis” Then they say share, copy or like this post to show your support ect. I agree support is great when struggling with anything in your […]

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Thomas bormans

How we all live with fear

Our everyday interactions are all coloured by a fear-based thinking process. If we are honest with ourselves, it is the basis for nearly all of our actions and interactions with each other. We may fear being made to look stupid, we may fear someone becoming angry at us, we may fear our own response to […]

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Image laurenz klein heider

Fear of slowing down

So what actually happens when we have nothing to do, it begins with having to sit with yourself to look yourself in the mirror (literally or not ) and just be, just sit there with no distraction. This may be for a vast majority of us that we have had to do this in years, […]

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