Stress management?

Stress management

This is the buzzword or phrase if you like of our time. The ironic thing is you don’t actually have to manage stress, stress is part and parcel of your life at any given time and your individual interpretation and response of that moment. We will all suffer from stress at various times of our life depending on the circumstances that have confronted us, most but not all of these events are unavoidable and we must call on our resources to carry us through the tough times, we can however choose to add to our stress by making bad decisions or by eating badly or very little, drinking to excess and generally treating our body badly.

What we really should be talking about is our own management, if you manage yourself well and particularly during times of worry or anxiety you can reduce the effects of stress on an already  worn out system, eat well, exercise, rest and relax in any way you like will help to carry you through tough times.

This rings true for times when life seems to be easy and there are no situations or events to worry you, eat well, exercise, rest and relax, mange yourself in a caring way, insulate your body from the first harsh blow of some bad news or event and continue this way until the fog of anxiety clears a little.


A great way of managing your system is a regular practice of yoga, many people start yoga during a period of worry or stress, they soon realise that the practice is not about managing the symptoms of stress but instead managing their own bodies, listening to themselves and knowing what is right for their own system, how to move, what to eat, when to rest and how to relax.

Your management could be Yoga.

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