So how do I get happy ?

The great question which has been pondered by humanity for generations indeed millennia.

So what is the answer to this mammoth question? I am not going to pretend that I have all the answers to this because I most definitely don’t, I do however think that this question is being asked more and more, year on year so it definitely needs addressing.

The great sages and spiritual masters have tried to offer the answer throughout our time on this rock called earth, the answer always seems to lay with acceptance, accepting what is happening right now with as little or no resistance to what is.

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This is a completely valid response to the question but it seems a little out of the reach for our modern fast paced and heavily packed schedules. How do you accept deadlines looming for work or the fact your children are struggling with school or even the mounting debt of mortgages and loans?

This can seem a pretty insurmountable task and it doesn’t even feel like you have time to reflect on things let alone accept them.

So where can we start.

A good point of reference, is the knowledge that we are essentially happy to begin with, we pop out of our mothers womb into a world with a blank slate, we then spend the rest of our lives collecting information and lessons which our nervous system attempts to cope with. This is a very important point because it shows that anything which is learnt can be re-learnt and changed. I thought I would do a handy little list of how you may achieve this.

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  • Your nervous system needs energy (eat well, eat fresh vegetables and fruit) and lots off.
  • Take time to relax, do what relaxes you and not what society deems to be relaxing, the pub and alcohol will relax you if you take it in moderation, moderation being the key. You are much better off learning Yoga or meditation, you nervous system will thank you for it.
  • Exercise your body, get your heartbeat up and endorphins flowing, you are designed to move and don’t forget it.
  • Reduce that to do list, to do lists are there to be evaluated and changed, do you really need be doing all of it? And even if you do does it need doing right now? Saying no to people is always good especially when your tired.
  • Give yourself a rest, I mean a real rest. Watching a thriller or playing COD ( call of duty ) before bedtime only serves to excite you further, your running on empty stop driving!
  • Switch off social media for a bit, seeing your friends post about how great his or her life is does nothing for your self esteem or mental health, she is probably being very conservative with the truth anyway, its very likely he/she feels exactly the same as you do.
Photo: Alex Kondratiev
  • Remember your body is a bio chemical wonder, left alone it would function exactly as it should, in harmony. We mess with this chemical make up with poor diet, stress, inactivity, and constant mental bombardment. Try and find your off switch.
  • And don’t forget Acceptance

Much Love Evergreenyogi x

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