Recycling yoga mats will help homeless people in Southampton

Meet Suj, here on the left – no, the guy on the right isn’t me 🙂 He and his band of volunteers feed and help the homeless on the streets of Southampton.

We are now working with Suj at the New Way Ministries Church to offer a mat recycling scheme which will provide old, used PVC yoga mats for the homeless. They can be used for bedding or just a comfortable place to lay, as they are particularly effective in keeping away the cold beneath you.

We will gladly accept your old used PVC yoga mats when you purchase a new Evergreenyogi yoga mat, which would then be given to Suj to hand out to the people who need them.


In return, you are able to claim a 5% discount on the purchase price of one of our mats when you checkout.

We feel it is important to extend the life of an otherwise unrecyclable product and what better way to do this than to help those in most need. To find how to recycle an old yoga mat with us click here.

Much love,

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