Evergreenyogi Kids compact bamboo toothbrush


  • 100% organic bamboo handle

  • Bio based Castor Bean bristles, nylon 6,10 which is 63% castor bean oil derived an BPA free

  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo

  • Good for you and your environment

  • Available in Pink, blue, green and yellow compact soft brush heads.


Our Evergreenyogi Kids bamboo toothbrushes are available in various colours.

Whats the deal with a Bamboo toothbrush?

Our Evergreenyogi eco toothbrushes are compact and made from mos Bamboo, this bamboo grows extremely fast without the need for any fertiliser and this is the one panda’s don’t eat :).

This organic bamboo toothbrush is both sustainable and FSC certified. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial.

The bristles!

The bristles are made from Nylon 6,10 a bio based Nylon derived from castor bean oil.

We realise that the bristles are not Biodegradable like our handle but after researching the market there is at this time no alternative that would offer a long lasting robust bristle, the nylon is 63% castor oil based (hence the bio based bit), Nylon 6,10 is recyclable however.( please check with your local authority) “horrible term that ‘authority’ over whom we ask” 🙂

Why wait order some now and and start brushing your teeth with our high quality compact head Bamboo toothbrush.

Read more about our bamboo toothbrushes here

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Childrens soft white, Childrens soft blue, Childrens soft pink, Childrens soft green, Childrens soft yellow


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