Our search for comfort

Are we too comfortable?

We spend much of our time and energy seeking comfort, rest and contentment.

For thousands of years we have been at the mercy of our environments, from scorching hot summers to freezing rain. To eat we had to hunt and gather our food often at risk to ourselves from injury or worse.

Our bodies were strong and fit and were constantly tested to our limits, this enabled us to become robust and full of vitality, ready for the next test of endurance.

As we have evolved as a species we have become more and more comfortable, gone are the exposures to harsh environmental situations as they have been replaced by sophisticated air conditioning and central heating even our clothing prevents connection to our environment, we no longer have to hunt for food or fight for survival as supermarkets supply our every need.

Every area of our lives have become gradually and systematically easier.

Where does this lead us?

All this has come at a detriment to our health and well being, systems within our bodies that were designed to be stretched and worked have become lazy and lethargic and in some case working against us.

Research shows that increasing cases of obesity, chronic pain and hypertension are all linked to our sedentary lives. Autoimmune disorders are also rising sharply in line with this never ending search for comfort.

We are living in a body with evolved systems that have been developed over hundreds of thousands of years and the growing consensus amongst scientists is that we are simply not built for eternal effortless Homeostasis ( constant balance ).

The way forward

Our bodies need stress! Not the kind of stress which is triggered when the boss wants more from you or the stress that piles of emails sends through our nervous system. The stress we need is the type which stimulates our nervous system and contrasts its responses, this is the type of stress response that has been developed for millennia fluctuating our physiology in ways that connect both bodies and mind.

With Sauna and cold plunges we can re engage that part of us which heals, our endocrine system ( hormone releasing ) to the stimulation producing feel good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, insulin sensitivity is tweaked levelling blood sugar, our vascular system is tightened and released and our mental capacity is sharpened.

Our minds may want to say no to the above contrasting therapy, it is much easier to go back to our air conditioning, heated seats and sedentary lifestyle.

I promise you that the benefits far outweigh the feeling of comfort you are leaving behind.

Come and join me and lets re engage our birth right for healing, health and well ness.

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