Our “end of lifespan” kids PVC paddling pool


What to do with your paddling pool which has reached its usable life span? we have this exact problem after many years and a good recent summer where the kids have had great use from it, the poor paddling pool now has numerous punctures and is generally in need of a new lease of life.

We had a dilemma on our hands of what to do with what is essentially a useless PVC item which we know either goes to landfill to sit there for hundreds of years or is incinerated for energy recovery, neither of these are ideal. This is when we found Wyattandjack based on the Isle of wight, these guys create sustainable bags and accessories from old unwanted Inflatables, deck chairs canvasses, bouncy castles and paddling pools.

Right now they are running an inflatable amnesty where you can send your old inflatable toys to them and they create some cool things to extend the life of your old products.

Check these guys out at www.wyattandjack.com and if you have any old items you don’t know what to do with why not contact them.

Yoga is not just an exercise its a lifestyle and we as a family want to live in as much harmony with our environment as possible.

Please comment below on Zero waste/ paddling pool Eco tips you would like to share.

Much love Evergreenyogi x


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