My Spongy un-sponge

A few months ago I just got fed up with how many washing up sponges we were going through in our household. I was in my sewing mode and decided to sew myself an un-sponge.

I used some left over bamboo fabric I had from making my son’s real nappies inserts. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial so bonus there, although the purest bamboo fabric that I could buy was 90% bamboo and 10% polyamide so this will eventually leave some residue and hence cannot be composted. Nevertheless, the scraps were going to be used and used over and over thus making it much more eco friendly option than plastic sponges. I also used left over jute fabric after I bought just a little too much for our stall when selling our eco friendly products at various markets. So two layers of towelling bamboo and one layer just on one side of jute fabric. Sewed together on the edges and criss-cross and that’s that. I made two so I had a spare when one was in the wash. I made them about 6 months ago or so and I am still using them today. They look as white as they did on day one just the jute fabric is giving way a little so the next time I have my sewing machine out I will add a layer of jute fabric to the existing one and continue using it.

Our un-sponges in action

We used to go through at least 1 plastic sponge a week, now we have had 2 un-sponges for about 6 months and they still have plenty life in them. Another win for the environment. Little changes make huge difference. What little changes have you made in your life that are more eco? And should we patent the un-sponge 😉

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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