My hair mop swap

So, it has been long coming. Me telling myself that I’m going to leap into the world of bar shampoos. I had a huge bottle of supermarket own shampoo that I used for around 6 months or so, being very conservative with it and washing my hair every second or third day.

Shampoo bar

I bought a huge bottle to be more eco, but what could be even more eco than using no SLS natural product that comes in no plastic bottle? Well, the answer is a bar shampoo. I have to be honest, I was really worried about the transitioning. So, to ensure that I did not give in I used up all of our liquid shampoo first and then I had no choice but to start using bar shampoo. When I was nearing the end of my liquid shampoo journey I bought some cider vinegar in a glass bottle, well I bought two of them actually just to make sure I had enough. Then the no SLS day came and boy my hair never felt so disgusting haha. I struggled with a large soap bar to get it really foamy, I did not want to just plonk it onto my hair as the instructions said that it would actually make it worse as too much of the soap would be left behind in the hair. Oh boy, what have I done? How am I ever going to leave the house? So the next day I cut up the soap into smaller pieces; about 8 of them. The process of getting the soap really soapy was much much easier. Still, even with even stronger concoction of water and apple cider vinegar my hair still felt really heavy and greasy. Let’s just says that a good thing is that we have two children so I had no time to quickly go to nearby shop and get myself a liquid shampoo…. So I persevered and the following day I again washed my hair.

Pretty sudsy right?

This was day 3 of my journey and a day that I was taking our children to the Zoo. Please, god just don’t let me bump into anyone I know as I’d probably die on the spot of the embarrassment of how my hair looks like. I walk in and who’s there, my manager! Well, I did not die, obviously…. For the first week I washed my hair about 5 x and used the apple cider vinegar for the rinse. By the end of the week the hair started to look a little better. Week 2 was much easier. I stopped using the apple cider vinegar rinse as I really didn’t like how it kind of ruined the lovely smell of the shampoo bar. I also started to be patient and making sure my hair was really soapy and that was the game changer.

With a little extra time spent getting my hair soapy the light and fluffy feel of my hair returned! And that’s that. 2 weeks! That’s that. 2 weeks!!! And we live in hard water area. So my simple advice of how to get your hair used to soap bars asap is:

  • Cut the soap bar into small manageable pieces
  • Make sure that you get your hair really soapy
  • Rinse and that’s that
  • I used wonderful, zero waste, plastic free and vegan Primal Suds Shampoo Bar….

8 weeks later and I still loving my shampoo bar and I can honestly say I would never go back. And on the plus side, when travelling I don’t have to worry about getting everything in plastic go into more plastic at the border! So another win for the environment J. Have you used a shampoo bar? Any advice for those attempting to take the plunge? Try one from our primal suds range x

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