This is always promoted as the way to stand up to stress. “ you need to develop mental resilience “ is spoken about in mental health leaflets and literature,  the dictionary definition is “ the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened “.

On the face of it these seem like perfectly good and desirable characteristics to have, we all want to be able to handle whatever comes our way and return to a more stable and comfortable state soon after.

Lets think about this in more depth, Resilience requires effort on you part it requires an input of energy to withstand whatever pressure you are under, this is perfectly fine but how much can we take and for how long, what if the pressure is relentless and you can see no end to the pressure? How to remain resilient here? We all have a reserve of energy for dealing with our troubles but like all energy resources they are not finite!

Lets think about adaptability instead, dictionary definition is this “ an ability or willingness to change in order to suit different conditions “ this indicates our need to change and soften to the onslaught so it then becomes easier to handle. The outcome of this is that your energy resources don’t become depleted and we become more malleable. Think of it like this, a willow tree will bend and sway in the force of the wind but it will never break, it changes its shape to absorb anything thrown at it.

Photo credit: saad chaudry

In nature if you make a structure is never too rigid it would rather than bend and absorb environmental conditions, there is always a fine line between stiffness and flexibility and it always takes far less energy to be flexible and adaptable.

credit: noah silliman

So there you have it become adaptable and don’t worry about resilience, bend and sway with life’s blows and be happy.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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