Mental Health Awareness week

As many of you may know this week has been an awareness beacon for mental health, We have been posting all week on here and on Istagram with tips and and advice about how you can improve your own mental health.

My wife works within the mental health field so some of the advise we provided is already used in professional settings.

The thing about mental health is that it is something we have to be aware of , if you have an awareness about something you have every opportunity to keep it in check, think of mental health much like your physical health, if you eat badly, take no exercise, get little sleep then your physical health can suffer. Eat well, exercise and sleep well and your body will respond in kind.

Your mental wellbeing is the same and all of the things that benefit your body will also benefit your mind, infact your mind and body are one and if you take a holistic and kind approach to yourself your whole being will respond with vigour and growth.

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Treat yourself like you are the king or queen of the world, eat the finest foods (fresh vegetables I mean not Gateaux ) Exercise and stretch out those muscles and joints, we were never designed to sit behind desks, if we were we would just be a head with one long arm and twenty fingers on the hand ( just weird ) and get as much sleep as you need to recover if you need to go to bed at 8PM there are no rules that say you must stay up to watch that film or the news ( arrrrggghhh don’t watch the news )

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Stay Happy Evergreenyogi x

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