Kiss the ground

Anyone seen this documentary on Netflix? Kiss the ground is an eye opener, it tells a story of our species chasing a dream or an ideology with no regard of the consequences of our actions.

When we lose sight of our natural place in nature we begin to upset the balance in which we have lived in for millennia.

So lets outline the programme for those of us who haven’t seen it…..

The world was at war for the early part of the 19th century, we then gained peace and our efforts went to feeding our world. The German regime in the search for chemical warfare in WW2 invented Nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides. These products were used after the war as a quick fix to re-energising our soils, they sped up the process of natural farming and stopped the need  to letting fields rest between harvests and artificially put these growing areas on life support.

Combining this with ploughing and pesticides our soils have become degraded and are slowly turning to dirt, no micro organisms ( the lifeblood of our planet ) and dustbowls. Our planet has lost one third!!!! Yes one third of our fertile plains in the search for more, more, more…………

Biodiversity has been replaced with mono crops and farm animals have been separated from the growing process, POOP IS LIFE. Poo is part of the organic matter our soils and indeed our lives depend, we need poo for growth.

Image stijn te strake

Our mass grown vegetables have lost much of their nutrients because the soils in which they are grown is depleted and pumped full of chemicals, this is like putting the soil on life support and hoping it recovers, maybe it will next year, or the year after……. It never will with the current status quo ( not the band of course, sorry couldn’t resist it 😊)

There is hope however and educating our farming community has been a large part of this, soil associations are showing how with natural farming techniques our soil can recover quickly, this also combines the elimination of pesticides allowing our natural predators to do their work.

Planting without ploughing is the way forward and machinery exists to be able to do this.

Image Chris ensminger

The program also talks about carbon and how these natural agricultural techniques could absorb more carbon than we are currently producing.

It’s all about allowing our planet to work as it was intended, working with it rather than forcing it or interfering with it.

You have to watch this and start growing your own veggies too.

Evergreenyogi x

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