How we all live with fear

Our everyday interactions are all coloured by a fear-based thinking process. If we are honest with ourselves, it is the basis for nearly all of our actions and interactions with each other.

We may fear being made to look stupid, we may fear someone becoming angry at us, we may fear our own response to a situation. Fear has many guises.

Look at what we wear for instance, our fashions are based on fitting in with the crowd for fear of being different. On the spin of that, we dress outlandishly to stand out for fear of being the same as everyone else. This situation plays out across our social lives – we’ve all heard of FOMO, right? Think about the build-up to a particular social event, whilst some of us dread it due to social anxiety, others would relish the chance to be there for fear of missing if we weren’t. Either way, fear has had its way with us and is driving our behaviours.

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The result of fear-based thinking

The outcome of fear-based thinking is that it creates walls that we live within. These imaginary walls can become taller and more constricting as time goes by. These self-created walls are very easy to put up but much more difficult to remove, difficult but not impossible.

The first step is a simple realisation that you have these walls. Don’t get over concerned about the fact that they exist, it is a rare person who hasn’t created them for themselves, in fact, I have never met anyone who hasn’t!!! Once you have honestly reflected on this you know exactly what you can work with.

Moving beyond fear-based thinking

You can start by becoming aware of your interactions during your day. Try to take note when you are feeling defensive, angry, or even embarrassed, all of these reactions are based in fear, fear of being wrong, fear of looking silly in front of our peers etc.

Once you have recognised your internal response you have an opportunity to come off autopilot. Consciously observe your initial reaction, soften your body and let go. Literally. Instead of hardening into the stance you are creating, notice it happening and let it go.

In yoga the belief is that we internalise this fear and it becomes stuck in our body instead of letting it go. It is seen as energy and actually, scientists now agree that all of our reactions are indeed energy in some form. Rather than storing up this energy, we need to allow the feeling, notice it and then relax and release it.

The good news is that old energy can be released too and unresolved situations and dramas can be healed through many practices such as yoga. In fact, releasing stored-up trauma from the body is one of the primary goals of yoga.

Why not start using this technique today, and build a life without fear? Or, if you would like support in developing this skill check out our life-change wellbeing experience days. We would love to hear how you get on too!

Live fearlessly, Photo credit : Fuu J

Why not start with us and build a fearless life.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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