Have you seen or posted something like the following?

“I’ve been suffering with ******** condition and I want to say that if I seem distracted, down in the dumps, anxious, lethargic, even depressed it is because of my diagnosis” Then they say share, copy or like this post to show your support ect.

I agree support is great when struggling with anything in your life but i would love the posts to go something like this “Ive been suffering with ******** condition and have been told by my doctor I have to manage the symptoms with ****** medication, these pills make me feel shit and only help to a certain degree, can anyone offer me another way of managing this condition?”

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Firstly I would like to say I have every sympathy with anyone suffering with any medical condition and struggling by in their daily life, my issue is with part of our medical community ( not all I might add ) that diagnose a condition and give no hope to that person for a future clear of the condition or even well managed, to often drugs are the answer and the efficacy of these is far from great.

In yoga it is believed that many conditions can be eased, controlled or even reversed by simple practices. These practices are not magical or spiritual but are simple practices that help your body work as it was designed to.

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We live in a world where we are continually overstimulated, this is simply an environment that we are not designed to thrive in, whether this be by our fast pace lives,  or our constant distraction of social media ( I get the irony, here we are on facebook 😊) our diet of overly processed un-nutritional foods, an environment heavy with pollutants. We live on a roundabout which it is very easy to stay on but this is to the detriment of our health. We are the most adaptable species on the planet but even we have our limit at the pace of our adaptability.

We are not taught how to look after ourselves in this modern world, we are not taught how to relax deeply so that we can reset and absorb our mental activity, we are not taught that there are foods which can help sustain our vitality and offset some of the effects of our busy schedules, we are not taught that a self care routine can buffer you from social media and main steam mmedia onslaught so you don’t absorb the trash fired your way incessantly.

The fact is that your body will react to your lifestyle, your glands are constantly trying to keep you on an even keel adjusting your hormones flooding you with chemicals which make you feel one way or another. These glands are under a constant stress because of the way we feel we SHOULD live, the  striving to look good on Instagram or the drive to look ultra successful in business to your peers all pumps your Endocrine system ( think of this as your control system ).

We need a new way of looking at our health, we need to promote health rather than our health system being reactive to our modern conditioning, I often want to write on these health posts and offer them a different way, I want to offer them hope and a way forward I want to help them  get back to basics and start looking after the most advanced sophisticated machine on the planet YOU.

I like to finish by again offering my sympathies to those of us who have chronic conditions, I love and stand with you but I’m here to tell  you that there is another way, its not easy and it takes work and sacrifice but in many cases you can regain your health and vitality and maybe throw that medication in the bin, give your body the chance to heal.

Much love Evergeenyogi x

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