Festival fever

So we finally took the plunge and signed up for our first Festival, all our products are Vegan so the opportunity to show at the upcoming Southampton Vegan festival was an ideal local opportunity.

Practice layout at home, check out the kids play mat 🙂









It does however suddenly dawn on you once you have taken the first step how much you actually have to do to make it happen, we needed to make the stand look nice for a start, table cloth, signage payment options, logistics…………AAAAHHHHHH, what had we done. Deep breathing and many yoga techniques were employed and slowly things came together.

We enlisted the help of Andrea our friend whom happened to be very Yogic herself and also very knowledgeable about health and wellbeing issues, she was my right hand yogi for the big day.

The night before I packed the just about large enough car and we were ready.

We arrived at the festival in good time and even had time to set up and grab a cup of tea and a quick OM  before doors opened.

To say we were busy would be an understatement, my throat was sore by 1pm through continuous talking and it took myself and Andrea over an hour to eat our lunches, we both had hot dishes which proved to be a mistake as they soon became cold dishes, it went something like….spoon in mouth chew quickly,put food down, talk to an interested customer, pick food up 5 mins later and repeat.


The day was however really enjoyable and I found that I really enjoyed talking to people about Yoga, environmental issues, health benefits ect. I loved the diversity of the crowd and the collective drive towards a better future for all of us.

Only had one product left at the end of the day………small white lie:)

We will be back, actually I’ve just booked into Winchester Vegan Fair! why not drop in and see us on the 20th January 2019, winchester guildhall.

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