Fear of slowing down

So what actually happens when we have nothing to do, it begins with having to sit with yourself to look yourself in the mirror (literally or not ) and just be, just sit there with no distraction.

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This may be for a vast majority of us that we have had to do this in years, we may find that its impossible, it’s much to ugly or scary to just let the mind settle and face themselves without the distraction of shopping, eating in a restaurant, sitting in the pub, working out in the gym, managing work deadlines, or even the dreaded smart phone, ect ect ect…….. we have literally filled our lives with distraction.

The fact is when we stop the whirlwind and start to listen in we may not like what we hear, suddenly we have to face what ever we have anaesthetised with busyness and face it head on.

Image: Ksenia Makagonova

To learn to sit with yourself is a skill which yoga hones over time, when you first practice you are faced with exactly as described above, this is usually the point when you decide that yoga isn’t for ‘me’ or that I’m not as flexible, pretty, slim or I am simply not that type!!! The fact is you are stopping and forcing yourself to look in that mirror.

In yoga you literally learn to sit with un-comfort until it first becomes tolerable and then eventually becomes comfortable.

Even without yoga you can start with simply observing where you are, can you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or hear the birds sing around you? Can you hear the crackle of a fire or see the shadows dancing around the fire grate? Can you feel the clothes against your skin or the warmth of a blanket? Just bring yourself back to where you are, YOU sat there breathing slowly in and out and experiencing life as it is with no distractions.

Can you slow down now? Evergreenyogi x

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