My Inspirational favourite Podcast’s

The ones I love

I am a lover and consumer of podcasts, whether I’m in the car or doing some cooking you will usually find me listening to the latest health and well ness research expert or maybe some deep philosophy. I’m also partial to a bit of light hearted banter when its needed.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourites here:

The chosen few

I have a Spotify account on my phone so all these are available on there but I am sure you can get them on many other platforms.

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I’m kicking off with this one – Making sense with Sam Harris

I found Sam whom is a Neuroscientist and Philosopher,  through something much like this a recommendation from a friend, I latched on to an episode from 2017 called #104 The lessons of death. Now you may be thinking this sounds a little morbid for a podcast but actually the opposite is true ( i wont spoil it ). From this I delved deeper into Sam’s world which I thoroughly enjoyed. One for all you free thinkers out there.

Next on my list although I am choosy about which episode I listen to – Owning it: the anxiety Podcast ( Caroline Foran )

This podcast is by an someone who has been on a journey with anxiety. She is joined by many of those who have or are having anxiety issues in their lives. One of her most popular episodes is by Neuroscientist Dr Micheal Keane this episode is called “ Your anxiety perfectly explained by a neuroscientist” I emplore you to listen to this one episode if you or someone you know is struggling right now.

Lets move on to Guy Lawrence – Let it in with Guy Lawrence

A journey down many rabbit holes in to the world of well ness, health, and wisdom. Guy is now based in Australia but comes from the valleys of Wales. He was a Rugby playing beer drinking youth who found a different life and pathway to health and well ness. Some real gems on this podcast.

The Huberman lab – Dr Andrew Huberman

This podcast one is everything that has been peer reviewed and scientifically proven to benefit how we work. From brain health to our behaviours there is something in here for everyone. Some really interesting deep dives on stress and fear, neuroplasticity and optimal performance. If you want to know what makes you tick look no further.

A little more light hearted

The Joe Rogan experience – Joe Rogan

Some episodes I love some not so much. Joe gets the big names in from Elon musk to David Blaine. He is very interested in health and well ness with some great information that the average person can understand ( me ). Joe asks the questions we would like to ask without looking a little silly, he is also very informed and open to new ideas and points of view, Give him a try.

Listen to the Doctor

Deep dive scientific health – Found my fitness Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Rhonda is a hugely intelligent scientist who studies everything which may benefit our health. Whether you want to live longer, feel better or increase your physical performance she is your person. The Dr loves sauna too and is a huge advocate of introducing sauna into your lifestyle.

Last but not least – Feel better live more with Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

Rangan states that our health has become overcomplicated. He’s on a mission to change all that with the help of leading professionals and experts from the health and well being sectors. He debunks myths about our healthcare and aims to give you the tools to take charge of your own well ness. This is a regular podcast for me and I love his no nonsense approach and empowerment stance.

Let me know what your favourite podcast is

So that’s my go to podcasts, there are many more I could add to the list and so many I love and find inspirational.

Let me know what you think

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