Exciting Yoga mat Giveaway

We at Evergreenyogi ( that’s me and my wife if you are wondering) have collected a few mats which have minor defects to them, as we don’t want to sell them we have decided to give them away in a charitable type feel good extravaganza.

12 mats who need a new home

Do you know a local community group, charity, school, social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation that would benefit from being donated several Evergreenyogi yoga mats? We have 12 mats that due to very minor cosmetic faults (which in no way affect use or safety) we don’t wish to sell, but rather than throw them away (which goes against our ethos) we’d like you to nominate a cause you care about to receive them completely free of charge explaining briefly why you feel they deserve the mats.

There must be an organisation, group or up and coming Yoga school (Hampshire based only please as we are delivering by hand) who have a charitable feel about them that could make good use of these mats. Our premium cork yoga mats usually retail for £39.99 each.

All you have to do is fill out the Nomination form below and explain briefly why you feel they deserve the mats, by 28th February 2019. We’ll choose our favorite and most deserving cause. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone who nominates will receive a 10% voucher to redeem in our online shop and the nominator of the winning group/organisation will also receive an Evergreenyogi goodie bag worth £25. Its a win, win feelgood giveaway.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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