Evergreenyogi zero waste mission

We as a family have made a conscious and determined effort over the past few years  to reduce our waste and also the  environmental impact of our daily life.

Our effort has been complicated by the arrival of two small children and the usual increase in consumables that they use, this in itself has forced us to evaluate whether what we perceive as being  necessity is really necessary and maybe with a little more effort on our part we could find an alternative.

Cost is a major factor in the choices you make and we have discovered that the eco alternative to lets say ” baby wipes ” is more expensive and “wow” can you get through those things,  thankfully my wife has researched various ways to negate this cost and after spending way to much on an eco/biodegradable packet brand we now use re-usable bamboo cloths.  She bought some bamboo cloth online and cut it into flannel size pieces, with a little hemming on her sowing machine we now use very little of the brand name eco wipes.

From being slightly sceptical myself about the bamboo cloths they have completely won me over and boy can they soak up whatever your little one can create.

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial so they don’t smell when stored double bonus to add to your green points tally. 🙂

Oh and keep practicing your Yoga, that will keep you in touch with the natural world and maybe even give you some eco green zero waste ideas.

Please share your eco ideas in the comments.

Much love Evergreenyogi x





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