Change is inevitable “just relax”

Our journey through life is one of constant change, its part of the natural cycle of life, none of us remain in one emotional state or even physical state constantly we move through different periods of our life and health as part of life’s amazing journey.

Our great lesson is to try not to hold on to the good bits and never be in a hurry to eradicate the bad.

The thing is if we know that everything changes we have no need to hold on, we can accept inevitability of change and look at it as a normal process of our journey towards becoming your next natural evolution.

When we resist this change we become stuck and growth simply cannot happen we literally stand in our own way.

The butterfly trusted its own path

The butterfly naturally evolves from a caterpillar to a butterfly, it doesn’t know what it will become but just gives up all resistance and allows the natural process to happen, releasing the brakes and handing everything over to nature.

We all could learn much from butterflies and indeed many of nature’s creations just “let go” and trust that your life is unfolding perfectly.

You are on the path to becoming a beautiful butterfly and the very best version of yourself.

Much love Evergreenyogi

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