Can yoga help me or is it woo woo?

This is something I come across quite allot when talking to people about my interest in yoga, they don’t say it as such but I can feel the vibe and I think the main reason for them not saying it is so to not offend me, you know when your having a conversation and you get a general feeling that the other party has completely different opinions on your chosen subject.

Interestingly was having a conversation the other day with a work colleague ( or mate/friend ) “colleague always seems very formal to me” anyway the conversation went along the lines of ” have you heard i’m running yoga classes at lunch time ?” ” no not heard about that” “do you fancy coming along then” ” umm not sure its really my thing you know”. The conversation went on and it turned out that my work mate had been suffering with an auto immune problem for some years, this had affected his health in lots of different ways including his energy levels and the the amount of coughs and colds he obtained.

 Avrielle Suleiman
Photo by Avrielle Suleiman

We chatted for a while and it worked out this condition started at the same time as the birth of his first child, I suggested that maybe the strain and pressure involved in this could have been the cause of this problem or at least exaggerated it, he said yes he thought it might be this too, lack of sleep, worry ect. When i suggested that maybe yoga could be a way to manage his anxieties he dismissed it again as not really his thing a bit woo woo, I then asked what he was doing to alleviate this problem and he immediately said medication.

I don’t know about you guys but my first reaction to have been given news such as his initial diagnosis would have been how can I help my body to alleviate this? For me cause and reaction is a corner stone of health, what have I been doing or not doing that may have caused or at least aggravated my health problem.

With yoga you can bang on all day about the health benefits involved but unless you can practice with an open mind it can seem a little woo woo.

Much Love Evergreenyogi x

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