Calm the fire- Anxiety and Stress recovery workshop

The fire within

How do you recover and move on from anxiety and stress or even panic? Is it possible? is it something that hangs around you forever like a ball and chain on your leg? Is it something that whatever you do its always there lurking in the background ready to rear its ugly head.

What if I was to tell you it is completely possible to live anxiety free! Yes you read that correctly.

What if I was to show you the way out!

I would like to offer a workshop called ” Calm The Fire” This title is deliberate as it infers that a fire is burning inside of you. This is exactly what is occurring inside you, you are burning up valuable energy this keeps you tired,stressed, depressed and living on a knife edge. This is no fault of your own I promise you ,it is simply your bodies way of keeping you safe.

I will show you in a 3hr workshop how you can start to extinguish this fire using timeless wisdom, deep let go techniques and the latest scientific research. We will stop the wasted energy start to grow, flourish and really live.

When the forest (you) is burning and before we replant, restock and allow new growth we need to Calm The Fire, put that way it sounds obvious right? But do we allow the fire to extinguish the anxiety to lessen? Instead we fight, battle and push on.

How do you know the way out I hear you ask? its simply because I’ve been there I have walked in your shoes, I have always trusted information from people who have walked the walk and bought the T-shirt so to speak! Is there something special about me? No. I’m just someone who through experience and by lots of trial and error found ways to help myself. Now its your turn.

All you need for this workshop is yourself, no movement yoga will be instructed.

This session is available to all physical abilities, however breath work will be part of the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at 18+ age group but exceptions may be made on request.

Refreshments will be provided.

Join me in March -Saturday 11/03/23- 9am till 12pm

The Old Chemist, 16 Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NP

Bookings : Click here

See you there, Much love Rob


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