Break out of that box

So what do I mean by our boxes? I am not referring to our housing although that is indeed usually a box of sorts, no, no, no, the box I am talking about is the self-made boxes of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. The walls of these boxes are slowly formed like a super slow house build and they form organically, a brick here and there, some bricks stronger than others, some with cement in between, some with mud or straw……… You may be thinking that you are now reading a post from someone who has completely lost the plot! Maybe I have? Apparently, if you do, the only people that know you have are others, you never actually know yourself, there is a weird comfort in that huh?

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Anyway back to the boxes. Our experiences form our view of our surroundings and vice versa, these experiences are the events and general life shenanigans that have happened to you since birth, from the very moment you left the safety of your Mother’s womb you start learning how to respond and cope with life.

But wait a minute who tells you how to respond and how about the completely different circumstances we are born into? Wealth, poverty, happy relationships, violent relationships, peaceful environments ect ect ect. Yes these all affect our box.

Photo credit: Frank Mckenna

These boxes are boxes of safety you basically build your box to keep yourself safe from further harm. If someone offends you vow to never let that happen again so you build a safety mechanism of avoidance or anger. If your family circumstances are less than happy you may make excuse for that or avoid thinking about them; again more safety mechanisms.

All of the above are bricks in your wall, shields to avoid the very thing they may teach you, these walls can get bigger and bigger until you almost completely shut yourself away to save yourself from further hurt.

All is not lost however, you can re-learn these responses and start the demolition of your box, you can become more in touch with how your body responds to these events, your past influences your future but you can become aware of this, watch your responses to events or situations and use the following tools to respond differently.

Photo: Ksenia Makagonova

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are all great tools to become more aware of how we feel, they take you off from auto-pilot and put your hands back on the wheel, small daily practices give you back control and start to dismantle that box, think of it like scratching away at the walls until you see that chink of light.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

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