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Our search for comfort

Are we too comfortable? We spend much of our time and energy seeking comfort, rest and contentment. For thousands of years we have been at the mercy of our environments, from scorching hot summers to freezing rain. To eat we had to hunt and gather our food often at risk to ourselves from injury or […]

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My Inspirational favourite Podcast’s

The ones I love I am a lover and consumer of podcasts, whether I’m in the car or doing some cooking you will usually find me listening to the latest health and well ness research expert or maybe some deep philosophy. I’m also partial to a bit of light hearted banter when its needed. I […]

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My Yoga Style

The most common question in Yoga is “ what style do you practice “ ? Years ago this would make me pause for a moment and think. My yoga is very much like my personality, relaxed, fun, playful, with a mix of discipline, dedication and work. The answer to the above by the way is […]

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To retreat or not?

A retreat? or a life expanding experience? What would you expect of a traditional Yoga retreat? Would you expect to arrive like a wound-up spring full of life’s unending tensions and finish like a newborn kitten, all fluffy and cleansed of every ounce stored up stress? I bet the answer to this is a resounding […]

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Why should I sauna?

What are the benefits of sauna! It relaxes you, quite simply you are taking time away from your everyday worries in a calm relaxing space. The feel of the steam and warmth soften the muscles and soothe those aches. If you sauna with others it becomes a social space for friendly chat and camaraderie. We […]

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