Are you stressed out? here is why

Why are you stressed out?

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The reason that people feel stressed is usually because they are! “What “ you say “I’ve clicked into this blog to be told something completely obvious…….AAAArgh” But before you click back out again just hear me out.

Stress occurs when we believe or feel that something is beyond our ability to cope with, sometimes this can be a completely natural occurrence simply because some things are huge and any chance of managing them is outside of our control.

At other times we feel stressed and can’t quite put our finger on the reason, we bumble through our days sitting agitatedly through events we usually enjoy with that nagging feeling that all is not well, when we eventually flop into bed exhausted our minds race on about our problems desperately trying to work out what our particular problem is that will set the world back to normal.

This second instance is the time when we really need to step back and look at our life honestly, have you ever noticed that things can creep up on you without your knowing.

A really good thing to do is write down all the things going on in your life at that point, perhaps you have been planning for a big upcoming event and investing more time and energy into that, maybe you have been promoted at work and have more responsibility with it, it could be that your car is playing up or the cat has been ill……… Whatever it is write it down and give yourself a visual picture of how busy your life is, my guess is that you have been feeling stressed because you are physically overloaded and who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with these things going on.

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However all is not lost and we are not completely at the mercy of life’s events. Yoga can help you slow down and reset your system, you are basically running a little hot, think of it as a car running at too higher revs when you are sat in traffic, what the car really needs to do is idle or just tick over, this would happen naturally if you just took your foot of the accelerator and let the engine do its thing.

Your body is your engine and your mind is the accelerator, you ease off using your mind ( eg thinking of all the things you need to do or sort out) and let the body idle, this is its natural state after all. You see we weren’t born with a list of things to do we have accumulated those through our wants and desires.

If we are honest with ourselves the answers were within us all the time.

Try to develop a calming practice at least a few times a week, maybe a simple yoga flow followed by a breathing practice to help calibrate your system back to its natural state.

Evergreenyogi x

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