All you need to know about our mobile sauna hire

We will deliver our sauna to you at an agreed time for your private use.

All deliveries within 20 Miles of SO51 Southampton are free of charge. Any delivery address outside of this distance will be quoted as extra and agreed before confirmation

The area for the sauna rental must be flat, stable ground and also easily accessible for the trailer

The barrel sauna measures 3m x 2m ( standard medium car size )

All safety and usage information will be sent to you prior to hire period


Our sauna has full public liability insurance

Please read our Sauna and cold plunge Terms and conditions here

We recommend that no children under the age of 16 use the sauna

We advise no longer than 20 mins per session and encourage a cooling shower or cold plunge after each session. This can be provided on request. It is perfectly ok to double or even triple dip your sessions

Drink plenty of fluids and please do not eat in the sauna!

Use a towel to sit on and wear a bathing suit for your modesty 🙂

The sauna takes approximately 1 hr to reach working temperature and this will continue to climb over the usage period. Periodic restocking of the fire box and vent clearing will keep the temperature between 60- 100 deg C. Be aware the firebox handle will be hot !!!!! Use an oven glove.

Payment and deposit

All payment must be made in full and in advance to secure your booking

Each booking requires a £100 deposit refundable after the hire period

Collecting the sauna

After your hire period we will collect the sauna from you at the agreed time, please ensure the sauna is clean, tidy and cooled for collection.