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About us

Welcome to Evergreen Yogi

We are a small, family-run business based in Southampton. Our mission is to inspire and enable others to take control and create the life they desire.

Through a series of classes, workshops and events we deliver practical lessons, giving you skills and techniques to take away and use in everyday situations. Our approach is centred around Hatha Yoga, with the addition of guided breathwork sessions, sauna use and more.

When it’s not in use at one of our events, you can also hire our mobile sauna!

Finally, as an eco-conscious family we are keen to do our bit for the environment. Whilst we know that our impact is modest, we feel our efforts can still be mighty. That’s why we offer a range of recyclable, vegan alternatives to mainstream fitness and wellbeing products. You can check out our range of products here.

Rob, founder and teacher

I’m Rob the founder of Evergreen Yogi. I’m an engineer, a dad, and a seeker.

I ventured into the world of yoga over a decade ago through a need to understand, I needed to understand what this life is all about, I needed to understand if I was really all I had been told and learnt. I knew deep down there was an answer already because my soul was telling me so.

Over the next few years and many hours spent on the yoga mat the realisation solidified.

You can create whatever you want with your life! But it all starts within.

We create walls out of our situations, beliefs and fears, these walls can become a prison in which we live and the only way to break them down is the realisation that we created them in the first place, and we can remove them.

I started to show what I had learnt to my work colleagues, offering yoga sessions during their lunch hour, the participation numbers in these classes surprised me! From this, I started a weekly breathwork class on teams, which I am still running extremely successfully today. I became the wellbeing ambassador at work, a role which I am proud of and take great joy from helping so many colleagues. I also give talks, for example, to help children coming up to exams to manage their anxiety.

Seeing the response to my sessions, and demand for this style of teaching, I saw an opportunity to help more people. So, in 2021, under the guidance of Steve Harrison, I went on to complete my 200hr IYN Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Sanctuary Southampton. I now teach weekly yoga classes, whilst still offering workshops in wellbeing, anxiety and breathwork.

In 2024 I am excited to bring all of this together as we launch our life-changing yoga experience days.

I teach so that we can feel what we experience, I teach that we are in charge and always have been and we can decide how we react, I teach that we are not the story we have been telling ourselves. We can reconnect with our bodies, soothe our restless souls and live a more authentic fearless life.

I hope to see you at one of my sessions, but if you would like to discuss your individual needs or interest in yoga/breathwork/sauna, please do feel free to reach out.

Join me and together we can break down those walls.

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