A connection event

What we need I mean really really need in these days of C***d /pandemic and general unease ( I edited that because I for one am sick of it “not literally 😊 ) is connection.

Lets connect

We need to connect with each other in ways that reach into our very souls, in ways that we can be vulnerable and honest with each other and stop the pretence that all is OK with our individual worlds.

See the thing is all is not OK with our worlds, we all suffer the same afflictions and problems to varying degrees and we are all bombarded with the same diatribe coming from our news sources or educational platforms.


We all need the opportunity to talk and engage with each other face to face, arguing on social media about the rights and wrongs of our society and lives do little to reconnect us and I would argue they pull us further from connection.

When we drop our differences which basically are our learned responses and connect just a little we can see how absurd they are.

Labels we give ourselves

You were born as a baby with no preloaded knowledge of who you were, you were not born Christian or Hindu, Jewish or Catholic neither were you born with a name or nationality, these are just labels given to you by your peers and then defended by you in the name of your ego, don’t worry we all do it to a degree.

When we get together and acknowledge this we can then open up and talk of our fears and prejudices, we can be vulnerable and open with each other and find connection and hope for a better future.

So what do I propose for a possible solution to our lives, what do I think will help us move forward and find connection with each other?

How about a series of events, festivals or fairs, not massive mainstream events just smaller scale events where you can meet inspirational people who’s stories can inspire and open eyes to new possibilities, somewhere you can talk and listen to healers, mystics and open minded souls and feel more connected with others.

An event where you can eat healthy food and drink herbal teas, stalls with trinkets of hope and products that heal and help, practice some deep breathing and meditation to soothe. How about a Yoga flow or Pilates session to really get the energy moving?

I propose an event to inspire and open you to life’s real possibilities outside of our labelled box of collected knowledge, break down those walls of your box and scratch away with the tools available there.

Can we do it?

This is no easy thing to organise and I will need the help of some of you to deliver it, I will need people who can deliver their time and energy for the good of others and receive nothing in return other than more connection with life.

Can you help? Do you need help? Lets connect and kick this thing off.

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Need to think of a catchy name for it too!

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