Get out of your own way

Stepping out of your own way

“Sometimes all we need to do is step out of our own way”……..Hang on a minute let me change that a little “ all we need to do is step out of our own way” that’s better, its better because its true. We literally stand in our way most of the time.

Standing in your own way comes in many guises, you stand in your own way when you don’t live your truth, your truth could be the career you do rather than the one you need. You do your job “the one you dislike” 5 days a week rather than change it for something that would suit you better, you do this for fear of changing into the unknown, you listen to the voices and feelings associated with them and that stops you making the change that would possibly change your life! You stand in your own way! No one else is doing this to you YOU are.

We also stand in our own way when we force ourselves to work on, this could be a project which takes up an extraordinary amount of your time, rather than stop, rest and continue with this in a much better position later we work on and fuel ourselves with caffeine and junk food, again you are doing this you are literally standing in your own bodies way with its innate programming, your body is letting you know you need to step back and rest yet you stand in its way and override it.

Lets say you feel anxious or stressed or worn out because of one of the reasons above or any reason whatsoever, doesn’t matter what really, you feel anxious/ stressed / low and now you feel even more anxious because your feeling anxious, this is the spiral many of us get into, how do we stop this spiral and let ourselves return to our joyful playful selves once more? You’ve guessed it “ step out of your own way” stop the ruminating, overworking ect and let your body rest, you are literally stepping away from the very thing perpetuating your mental state and allowing everything to settle.

Image credit : Andrew Neel

We spend so much time fighting and ignoring or overriding our natural state we have almost forgotten what that state is. You can return to peace and an equilibrium fairly quickly you just need to let it happen, step away from unhelpful thoughts, oversretching yourself ect and relax into the flow of life once more.

Much love Evergreenyogi x

Cover image : Ash Edmonds

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